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Re: RC: Re: walter farley books?

> Almost forgot..........anyone remember Dark Sunshine by Dorothy 
> Lyons?

My gosh, I thought I'd read that, but I don't remember it being about
endurance!  O.K. Here's my wish list:

Windyfoot at the County Fair
Sleigh Bells for Windyfoot
Maple Sugar for Windyfoot
Melody Muttonbone and Sam
Hobbyhorse Hill
Blue Ribbon Summer

I really would like an entire set of the Billy and Blaze books too. 
We're in the process of having a log cabin addition built onto our cedar
house. The plan is for it to be 2 bedrooms and a library.  *That's* when
I get to start my collection. :-))

I was sooo shocked when somebody looked at Kabot's big round feet and
said, "He's a Sand Dune Pony". I said, "You read that???" (I still have
my copy)  He went on to start listing the characters. Thrilled me to
death.  I read every horse book in our library over and over and they
seem like old friends. I'd never really thought about the fact that you
guys had access to the same ones. :-)  I've actually started writing a
book while we were on vacation a while back.  Had a couple of chapters
done and it was going well and really want to finish it...just finding
time is sooo hard.

Angie  (off to put up another 100 bales of hay)
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