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Re: Lost or Stolen Endurance Horse & Saddle

What signs of human intervention?  Were you able to talk with any people
around.  Seems like if someone did pick her up, they might have good
intentions, since it would take a heck of a plan to be waiting for a horse
that "might bolt."

My mare took off into the desert after I fell off several years ago on the
Gardnerville Gallop.  I was a wreck until some friends found her and brought
her back.  Very scary.

Please keep us posted as to the outcome of this.  I hope her horse turns

Dorothy & Elly

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> Phyllis Allen
> On Monday, June 11th, during the Shellbourne Endurance Ride in Nevada,
Elaine Wabel's horse Natala, bolted and ran down the trail, never to be seen
again. For four days everyone looked for her but all signs point to human
intervention. We're concerned that she may have been taken and we need your
help to find her. She is 10 years old, bay Arabian mare, on her left side
she has a scar below her ear, just behind where the bridle lays , where a
cancer was removed. She was clipped for endurance and her body still show
evidence of that. She was wearing an SR Saddle with a lambskin cover over
it. There is a $1000 Reward. Please call Elaine in Utah at 801-572-5559. She
is devastated as you can imagine. But she has not given up hope. We shoud
all be concerned about this, it could happen to you. Please call if you have
any ideas that could help
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