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Re: RC: using poultice

I did another 50 this weekend, the Pacific North ride in Bend, OR. (In case 
any of you are familiar with the ride) The terrain is sandy, with some rocky 
areas to be careful on and mostly flat. Our time was 4:43, earning a 5th 
place. Now, after the responses I've gotten on using poultice and wrapping, 
etc. I decided to use the poultice on all four legs, but on the front legs, 
I used the brown paper soaked in ice water over the poultice, then the 
cotton, the the polo wraps. NOT very tight, but to hold it on there. I left 
it on for about 24 hours, maybe longer, (oops, it was a long ride home). 
There was NO swelling at all on all four legs. By the time I took them off, 
the poultice was hard and flaking off, and some of you are saying that it 
should be kept soft.
So, why brown paper or wax paper (so as not to "bake" the heat in) as 
opposed to saran wrap (to keep the poultice soft)?
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