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Re: RC: Re: Manners--was stereotypes

I have a horse who came to me with some behavioral issues.  He has pulled 
back on the crossties and snapped them.  So whenever he has to go on the 
cross ties (vet, farrier, chiro, massage, etc.), I am right there with him 
(or hubby is).  As soon as I get any indication for the potential of bad 
behavior, I nip it.  However, there are things that the farrier, vet, etc. 
do that will set him off prematurely. A quick move, pulling out a strange 
object (he thinks that he will be beaten with these things).  All you have 
to do is let him see it and smell it.  I've been very fortunate that 
everyone who works on him is very kind and lets us proceed as his pace.  
Because of this he is less afraid when the vet whips out something new, or a 
stranger comes to see him.  But I would have to agree with Cindy, most 
people are allowing bad behavior to continue and are making excuses for it. 
While the owner may be able to tolerate a broken foot from a poorly behaved 
horse, a vet, farrier or other professional will be out of work and not 
earning a living if they are injured.  They just can't take ANY chances.

Carolyn Burgess
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