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Re: Manners--was stereotypes

> And while the farrier mentioned earlier sounds a bit hasty, there are an
awful lot of folks  who make excuses for ill trained spoiled horses, then
get all riled up when the farrier/vet/dentist/chiro, etc.  expect them to
            I know you are talking "generalities" and I agree with you, so
this is not an argument.
            I just happen to know the horse who started the original "lip
chain" string.   I had my local farrier trim him about three months ago,
just before his move.   This colt did fidget a step or two---but was not in
the least misbehaving.  AND the farrier made a comment about how VERY WELL
behaved the horse was--that he wished more were like him.

        It seems to me there can be other things often involved in
"behavior" with "strangers" rather than a spoiled horse.   I feel like a lot
of times the attitude, manner/voice, etc. (even smell) of the new farrier,
vet, whatever, can make a difference (I know these things can make me
up-tight--grin).   I know a lot of the vets I have used smell of various
medications/disinfectants, etc.   Some horses can also tell "something's
wrong" when a vet has come from putting another horse down.  I think some of
the professionals tend to put all of the weight in "let's get at it" and
"discipline" rather than in taking a minute  to "introduce" themselves to
the horse, to just say "Hi, there" to the horse---which IMHO would often
save time.   How many times have you seen a farrier just walk up and grab a
leg and the horse pull back, likely thinking it's being attacked??
   For what it's worth.


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