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non member fees

<<I have a question for those who are having problems. Do you advertise your
fee, then add on the $10 to people who don't have cards? In our area, they
usually advertise the ride fee incuding the $10, then take it off when you
present your card. That way people aren't "surprised" with that higher fee.
Nancy Mitts>>
As a non-member, I wasn't going to get into this discussion, but I must say, Nancy has a good point here. Like so many horse-owners, I am continually strapped for funds. On my very first ride a couple of months ago I planned according to the fees published on the fliers and internet. The fee was advertised at the member rate, and I didn't know about the non-member portion untill I was at the registration table.
I believe in joining and/or supporting organizations that provide the framework for things I participate in, no problem there. And $10.00 is not too much to ask.....but I ended up having to dig into my gas money to pay it because it was unexpected. Either Nancy's suggestion of advertising at the higher rate and allowing members a pleasant surprise; or perhaps simply having a member/non-member rate listed as advance encouragement to join-up would work for me!
Terry Barrall/Salem OR

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