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Re: RC: non-member fees

You and I know what AERC means for trails and the sport and we will probably be doing it for the rest of our lives. But the people who don't, or won't join will be gone in 2 or 3 years and don't care. I already see that happening in the crowd I started with. We have in our area about 55 acres that is owned by our county and maintained by our riding club through dues. We mow, pay for the phone, water, insurance and repairs. We do this so we all have a place to ride. A yearly membership fee is $35. Most people in this area have no place else to ride and no trailer to go someplace else and they still complain about $35. Huh?? They couldn't care less about trails anyplace else and whether or not they will be there in 5 or 10 years. So my point is, the people who are not members, probably never will be and will only be riding for a few years. Is the $10 worth the aggravation to the AERC office and ride managers? Lisa Salas, the Odd FArm
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I ride with quite a few people who are not members and don't intend to join.
They only do 3 or 4 rides a year so that is only $40 as opposed to $60 or
$65 dollars (whatever it is) for a membership. So does it encourage or
discourage people to join? The best way to get people to join a group or
club or organization is to make them think they are missing something.
HMMMM, there's a thought.  Lisa Salas, The Odd FArm

I find this sort of sad that riders do not want to belong to a great
Origanization such as the AERC, because a of $20. savings.  Even the $65. per
year is nothing as to what people spend on anything else today.  As for
missing something, don't let them borrow your Endurance News! :)
Just were would endurance riding be right now, if not for the AERC?

Tammy Robinson
Trail-Rite Ranch & Products
661/513-9169 or 661/713-3912

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