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Re: RC: non-member fees

In a message dated 6/8/2001 2:04:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

I ride with quite a few people who are not members and don't intend to join.
They only do 3 or 4 rides a year so that is only $40 as opposed to $60 or
$65 dollars (whatever it is) for a membership. So does it encourage or
discourage people to join? The best way to get people to join a group or
club or organization is to make them think they are missing something.
HMMMM, there's a thought.  Lisa Salas, The Odd FArm

I find this sort of sad that riders do not want to belong to a great
Origanization such as the AERC, because a of $20. savings.  Even the $65. per
year is nothing as to what people spend on anything else today.  As for
missing something, don't let them borrow your Endurance News! :)
Just were would endurance riding be right now, if not for the AERC?

Tammy Robinson
Trail-Rite Ranch & Products
661/513-9169 or 661/713-3912

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