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Re: Endurance in the Olympics

In a message dated 6/7/01 12:46:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> Again you are wrong! Inform yourself better before yakking around. We do
>  have our national rules, 99% of our rides are held under those rules. The
>  Belgium and French, the Netherlands, Danish etc., they all (or most of 
>  do have their national rules and organisations. If I ride a national 100
>  mile ride, it could be that the post-ride inspection of my horse is on the
>  previous day, for example. 

I was under the assumption that most of these rides were FEI sanctioned.  If 
you say I'm 99% wrong here, I won't argue.  I apologize, and will try to 
inform myself better.

> But this also means some clean dress, not dribbled by someone who saw naked 
>sunbathers on the trail. 

Well, they weren't endurance riders; so I don't think they apply to either 
FEI or AERC.  And I didn't dribble; I drooled.

>It not possible for an individual to become member of the FEI.

Yes, I'm aware of this one.  My question is, Why?  If there's no membership, 
who makes up all these silly rules and how are these folks elected?

> I enjoy the hospitality of H.H. General Sheik Mohammed, I did it two times 
now. >And I really prefer dancing with him and all the members of the 
worldwide >endurance family, the luxury of being invited to visit a country 
for free instead of >listening to drunken old man with the breath of too much 

I dance with two left feet, so you'll have to lead.  In addition to "drunken 
old man, with the breath of too much beer," you might want to add "short," 
"fat," and "sloppily dressed."  I'm glad you have such a good relationship 
with General Sheik Mohammed; I'm quite sure it has no affect on your 
viewpoint here.

>But don't try to force others to agree with you, don't put words in their 
mouth they >won't speak. Speak for yourself and you are fine. But you are not 
the national voice >of AERC, right?

This is quite funny; you do have a sense of humor.  I don't think anyone 
believes I speak for others. What I say belongs to me, only.  Who else would 
come out and say the silly, stupid things I can come up with sometimes?  I 
have few followers, and kind of like it that way.  It gives me freedom.  The 
"national voice of AERC" is the last thing I am.  I'm lucky they keep letting 
me renew my membership, and they do, provided I never try and run for office. 
 And I won't; I have ridecamp to humble me enough already.

>The only memory I have on Ramstein was that terrible accident where a lot of
>people lost their lives.

I was working in the Control Tower the day this happened.  The Italian 
Tri-Colori always put on quite an air show.  This particular day they got too 
close to one another and it was one of the most horrific experiences of my 
life.  Witnessing this event is one of the reasons I physically shake when I 
get onboard an aircraft, which I rarely do.

Wolfgang, you seem to have quite a bit of animosity towards me personally.  
Since I've never met you, I'm not sure why.  If it's because I disagree with 
you over FEI, I don't think personal attacks will solve anything in that 
arena.  If it's because of my stories, there's not much I can do about that 
except to suggest you quit reading them, or consider that they are "fiction." 
 I make stuff up sometimes.

Howard (I'll shut up now; promise)

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