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RE: RC: redness on lower legs

my mare with white legs gets scratches easily expecially when it's wet out.

What you will see are patches of 'scabbed' areas on the back of the pastern which, when soaked or picked off will also remove the hair.  It might be sore, it might not..depends how bad they are.

What we do is this: remove the crusted areas (soaking if they'll stand in a bucket..picking em off if they won't), then wash the area with anti-fungal soap...not anitbacterial since this won't kill the fungi causing the problem.  You could also apply an anitfungal cream to the area if washing is not an option...or apply the antifungal cream AFTER a good washing with plain soap and water if you cannot find antifungal shampoo.  Use some people type stuff (us girls know it as Monostat ;-), guys will know Lotromin)...However, if it's as wet in your part of the world as it is here in Indiana you might as well hang it up until it dries out a bit.  If it's not bothering him, I would just leave it be until drier weather....just don't let it get so bad that it becomes a nasty infection that causes him to be lame!!  You could just wash his pasterns with antifungal soap once or twice a week if you want to put up a preventative strike.


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> I have been looking in the archives for information on scratches.  I was 
> thinking that what is appearing on my horses rear fetlock area may be 
> scratches.  It is red and dry but not really scabby.  Could it just be dry 
> skin?  It doeesn't seem to bother him if I touch it.  It's been really wet 
> here for the last 3 - 4 months too.  Any ideas?
> Thank you
> Angie
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