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Endurance in the Olympics

>But this also means some clean > dress, not
> dribbled >>by someone who saw naked sunbathers on the trail.

> Excuse me??? Are you implying that AERC are low class slobs?

Chill Jessica. If you see a sniper's bullet headed for one person in
particular, don't  jump in front of it and claim they tried to wipe out
the crowd.  >g<  Personally, even after 14 years of AERC involvement and
a respectable number of miles, I don't feel I have any right to say what
"AERC"  as a whole does or does not want.  Now, if Julie Suhr, or Trilby,
or some of the people who've been around since the beginning want to give
some insight that's interesting, but having self proclaimed champions of
AERC telling people from other country what "we" think is a little
presumptuous don't you think?

Angie (who dresses like white trash quite often, but has worn the dreaded
polo shirt which is not in fact the "Mark of the Beast")
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