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AERC nonmember fee idea/Board?

Jean Wonser
It occurs to me that the nonmember fee charged by AERC
is becoming a burden to rides early in the season.  (The 
Osceola ride was sent a bill for $70. for nonmembers at the end 
of March for mid Jan ride.  Accounts had been paid off, all money

There must be a better way to make individuals responsible
who present an invalid AERC card to volunteer entry 
secretarys and con their way into the ride without
paying the extra $l0.  (For one thing that is a pretty small
nonmember fee.  AHSA charges $l5.  and a $l50. fine for 
presenting an invalid card--according to the recent list 
published in their newsletter.)

I would like to suggest some discussion from AERC members
and since most Board members read this list  add it to the
agenda next time they meet.

At the very least I would be in favor of publishing the 
names of individuals who falsely present a card and member
as  current and paid.  What they told entry clerk at the
Osceola, I was told, 'My check is in the mail'. 

Check out 'Horse Show' for AHSA list of suspended individuals
where it will be seen as happening with the show crowd too.

The second problem apparently lies with the Board telling ride
managers for Dec. and Jan. they could give some'descretion'
to just accept the previous year validation sticker.  

So lets hear some ideas of how to handle this problem. (full names and number so we know who is talking please)

Jean Wonser
 FL/ AERC 5352 

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