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My older gelding when he first started out in endurance was exactly this
same way. Classy was a very anxious horse and I feel would waste a lot of
energy. Classy would most of the times get all A's but still Thump. He had a
tendency to Thump on hotter temp. rides like 80 degrees plus. He wouldn't
thump at all at cooler temp rides. The ride vet Barney would tell me that
there is nothing wrong with him other than he's anxious. He encouraged me to
keep putting the miles on him. I added calcium gluconate to his elyte's as a
precaution, and did not feed him alfalfa in between rides. This seemed to
make a big difference. In the past two years he has calmed down/ relaxed
considerably and has not thumped at all. So I am wondering if
nervous/anxious energy triggers something to make the horse thump?
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> steven thompson
> ok i ride in the west reg. with an 11 year old arab
> and starting last year she started to get thumps on
> some rides, i use commercial e-lytes and give her a
> partial dose every time she drinks but still she is
> thumping at rides but her hydration, skin tenting
> and basically every checks good except for the
> thumps. now at the last ride she did the vet said
> in her opion it's not a problem since everythig else was good
> but she has been pulled at anouther ride when everything else was good.
Any ideas?
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