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RE: Endurance in the Olympics

> Oh crap, here it comes.  Olympic fever, catch it.  You must read this
> article.  I've never read anything so unbiased in my life.  haha.
> AERC will, most likely, be the last hold out.  Maybe, along with
> the Aussies.
>  But, when the publicity hits the media, will AERC be able to
> continue to do
> so?  I doubt it. How'd you like to the one organization that prevents
> Endurance from becoming an Olympic sport?  If this news is half way true,
> we're in for some change here, folks.  And if it doesn't affect each and
> every one of us, I'll be surprised.
> Course, one must keep in mind, the source of this news.  I don't
> believe, for
> one minute, the Gulf News, understands the premise of Free Speech.  Then,
> again, I could be wrong; won't be the first time.
> cya,
> Howard (geez, it's gonna be a long hot summer down here.  I don't believe
> this Sheik Mohammed will ever let up on the reins, until he gets his way)


when will you stop fighting your AERC fight? Please be so kind as to accept
that there are thousands of endurance riders worldwide NOT organized in
AERC. A huge percentage of them is organized in federations working on a FEI
base, running events under FEI (or similar) rules. Your AERC rules don't
differ that much from FEI!
Concerning the Aussies: I am not sure that they are anti-FEI as you like
them to be. I know several of them personal - I met them at FEI rides, as I
did with a lot of your US riders. And you can be sure that if the media is
more and more involved and the US wants still to be part of the game, they
have to arrange with FEI. FEI is the WORLDWIDE head for horsey events, not
the USA.

Endurance Trainer&Consulter
FN:Wolfgang Schwingenheuer
ADR;WORK:;;Robert-Koch-Strasse 16;Arnsberg;NRW;D-59755;Germany
LABEL;WORK;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:Robert-Koch-Strasse 16=0D=0AArnsberg, NRW D-59755=0D=0AGermany

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