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Re: RC: Re: Fencing

We recently (in the last 4 years) fenced & cross
fenced 10 acres in the mountains of West Virginia. 
Rocks DEFINITELY influenced our choice of fencing

In the past we had used post & board fencing, but it
was high maintenance.  Also, the posts had to be set
exactly right for the length of the boards.  Short of
using dynamite, that wasn't possible where we live

We opted to go with Centaur Fencing.  It is several
high tensile wires encased in a PVC/vinyl material
that makes it look like a wide board.  Line posts can
be set anywhere from 8 to 16' apart.  End posts are
set up like any other high tensile fence.  It comes in
brown, black or white.  We chose white & found that it
is very visible even in snow.

When the horses run into it or kick at it, it "gives"
a little & snaps right back into place.  It was the a
little cheaper in price than board fencing and there
is zero maintenance.  If I ever had to fence again,
I'd certainly select it.  If you search on centaur
fencing there are websites with it.  They also
advertise periodically in Equus.

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV

--- Jennifer Layman <> wrote:
> I too am going to begin fence research and I'm
> interested in others
> experiences good and bad.  I am not necessarily
> looking of the most
> economical, but more interested in long term
> durability (low
> maintenance), and definitely safety.  I will be
> fencing in Utah and I
> have no clue as to how snow should influance my
> decision (I'm moving
> from California).
> Thanks, Jennifer
> --- Robyn Levash <> wrote:
> > I have about 4 acres of pasture that I want to
> fence in. I am
> > trying to decide what kind of fencing to put in
> that is both safe
> > for the horses and yet economical. I live in
> California. Any
> > suggestions, good/bad experience with fences, or
> where to buy
> > fencing is really appreciated. Thank You!
> > Robyn
> > 
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