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RE: Re: Electrolyting for Endurance Competition

If you are doing a 100 mile ride and dose every 2 hours plus a few days
before the ride, is there a need to mix the electrolytes with anything other
than water?

I find that taking one syringe and one baggie with dry electrolytes works
quite well when without  pit crew access. I just put one dose in from the
baggie, mixed with some water from the puddle the horse just drank from. My
horse takes it easily.

My concern is as the day, (and night ) wears on, does the horse need
something else mixed to cut the salt?  I know there are several things that
people mix with the electrolytes, but that is difficult to carry on the
horse when there are long gaps between crew access, where it is necessary to
carry what you need.

What I am doing works quite well for me, but I don't want to be doing
something that may only show damage in the long term. Is just mixing with
water a potential time bomb????

Regards :  Roger

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