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Re: RE: Re: Electrolyting for Endurance Competition

> My concern is as the day, (and night ) wears on, does the horse need
> something else mixed to cut the salt?  I know there are several things
> people mix with the electrolytes, but that is difficult to carry on the
> horse when there are long gaps between crew access, where it is necessary
> carry what you need.
> What I am doing works quite well for me, but I don't want to be doing
> something that may only show damage in the long term. Is just mixing with
> water a potential time bomb????
> Regards :  Roger

Yes, Roger, your horse will be exploding any minute now. <g>  Nah, as long
as he's eating well, you don't need anything else, and I know a number of
people that do just what you do.  The applesauce just makes it a little more

Something else worth mentioning is that I know some people are worried about
a lot of salt causing sores at the side of the lips where the bit rests.  I
know it can be hard with an uncooperative horse to get syringes 'lytes all
the way at the back of the tongue, but getting it way back helps prevent the
horse form spitting it back out and leaving residues at the corners.  If all
else fails, squirting an extra syringe of just plain water to rinse the
mouth isn't a bad idea---it'll prevent those sore gums/lips and also removes
most of the taste of the 'lytes, and that helps keep them eating as well.

Susan G

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