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I have hopes of Tevis next year (2002) and just pulled a bunch of info off their homepage. I watched last year via the internet but this year, the kids and I are driving out there to see if I really do want to go!! It's scary!! I am pretty sure some Florida people went a few years ago and I am curious as to what their route was and how easy was it to find overnight places to rest horses. That is my main concern. And how much time should I plan on getting there in advance? I was thinking at least 8 or 9 days before the ride and at least 3 days after (depending on whether I get lost or not and how long it takes to find me. Help! I am searching for myself, have you seen me anywhere?). How long will it take going from Tampa, FL to Northern California pulling a trailer? I am sure just going out there to investigate will make it seem less intimidating, maybe. It would be wonderful to have someone else from my area go. Any takers?? Any help and information would be greatly appreciated. Tevis Cup. Live like you mean it, you can rest when you die!! Lisa Salas, The Odd FArm

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