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No Trails No Sport!! the ugly can of worms is open in PA.

debbie zanot
Elk Valley Ride has had no hassle with the Commonwealth
of PA for 8 years, but all of that wonderful freedom
is about to become a huge battle as the ugly can of worms
is opened and stinking to high heaven.
Any PA resident should act quickly and respond to the cutsie
little sneaky survey that ends June 4th,,,
First step in the plan is to keep everyone off of gamelands
except hunters in hunting season. Second step will be regulation
after regulation after rule after rule on State Forestlands..
I can smell it in the air..a stench that makes my blood run cold.
This may be the last year we have the Elk Valley Ride, but I
WILL be a voice when they make their idiotic rules.
I don't fear for my loss of freedom as a horseback rider because
they will have to shoot me off my horse (if they can find me)
I plan to ride as usual, with respect, and reverence to God's
creation. However I fear for the Elk Valley riders who so
enjoy this corner of the earth, it isn't easy to hide 100 horses.
Make no mistake in thinking that the PA. game commission cares
about the welfare of the wildlife,(excluding the local biologist
that do care but are ignored by pencil pushers in Harrisburg)
they are a greedy self seeking out of touch with God and creation
bunch of parisites that ever roamed the earth. Two things only
is on their agenda...BUCKS and not the 4 legged ones...Power/
Control of the masses... 
If you live in PA for what it is worth better heed the warning
bell and go to the meetings (if you can find out when they are)
SPEAK UP!!! Keep your eye on the PA website above..
Debbie Zanot

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