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In a message dated 5/29/01 11:11:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Tivers writes:

> If you distribute any information I send you privately, you will be sued. I 
> have absolutely no interest in the "good" of these people. It is truth 
> searching for. The results of an objective evaluation of the evidence can 
> published as widely as you wish. However, it is quite clear that you 
> personally are going to ignore some evidence and accept other evidence. It 
> appears that you will accept only information that will involve the names 
> other people. 

I just love it when someone threatens to sue; don't you?  My usual response 
is, "Get in line.  And after you're done paying your lawyer fees and court 
costs you'll discover I have no equity anywhere.  Everything I own is heavily 
liened.  Sue me, please, I love the attention."

My guess is this bet will never be settled.  The thousand bucks will sit in a 
trust account for quite a while, or inside someone's desk drawer (I don't 
think it will be Truman's; he's too smart to get caught up in this one).  
Neither party will ever be satisfied. Looks to me that we can't even come up 
with an agreement on the Rules of Engagement.

And if you can't verify the results by way of involving other riders, just 
how will verification be achieved?  Via the horse?  I mean, my horse does 
talk to me, but I don't tell anyone about it since my sanity is already in 

So, to recap everything, I don't think this one will ever be solved to 
anyone's satisfaction.  Maybe, it's time to move on.  Too bad he's not 
selling his products to any endurance rider who is part of Ridecamp.  
Probably too risky.  I'd willingly test them for him, and log the results, 
providing I get the stuff for free.  Course, if I told anyone about the 
product, I'd probably get sued. But I doubt if that threat would stop me from 
running my mouth; it hasn't yet.

Howard (I prefer Black Jack to this bet; better odds)

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