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RE: Re: Shore to Shore

You know, we did challenge it, but AERC said it was the ride managers call.
We could not file a protest because by the time we realized the pull had
occurred when AERC News came out, it was past the AERC 30 day rule to file
protests. Of course, filing a protest would be the very last resort for me
and the prospect of it didn't thrill me.  If something can be "settled out
of court," it's always better, I think. We decided just to let it go and be
happy that the horse was healthy. I will say I learned a lot through the
experience, however, and at least I know that very valuable rule from this
exchange with you. In actuality, I realized last night that it was three
years ago that this occurred, and all this time I have thought the UMECRA
rule could be used to pull the AERC completion, as well.

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Sorry about that.  I have never been to that ride so I can't say if the
rules were followed.  Every UMECRA ride manager is supplied with a
sufficient number of written copies of the UMECRA rules and most just place
them on the registration table.  At our ride we remind the secretary to
offer them to people, but in the heat of registration I'm sure that they do
not always get mentioned.

I can see how a ride manager may not follow the rule pull the AERC
completion.  My recommendation would be that an affected rider challenge
this with the AERC, if they want the completion on their record.

Ed and Wendy Hauser
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