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re: orthoflex for shortbacked horses

The main reason I got into the OF saddles was because I had one very mutton withered, short backed Arab and one very lean, high withered longer backed Morgan and I needed a saddle that fit both. The OF fit the bill. The older panels were a tad long and caused some horses to rub in the loin area. OF has shortened it's panels and I think this has improved the fit of the saddle. I have the dressage, the patriot, two western and one Amigo. The dressage is a bit more narrow but still fits the "dough boy" with his fat shoulders and round belly! I have been riding in these saddles for almost 8 years and never had a sore back. I use the wool back pad and can ride with a looser girth and I think we are all very happy! Someone earlier said they were not happy with the workmanship of the OF. I disagree! The leather on my saddles is so soft in the seat and never had to be "broke in". The dressage has boars hide on the panels and I don't think that will ever wear out. All of the hardware is top of the line stuff. I have an older western that I got off of Ebay that has silver snakeskin inlays. It was made in the early 80's (one of the first ones) and even though it is very used, it still looks beautiful and has held up. Lisa Salas, The Odd FArm

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