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Re: RC: RC: Windpuffs

You first may want to rethink warping the leg - hence keeping the heat in. Some - actually many horses do quite well with wind puffs. If the wind puffs are nothing more than that, rather than a sign of a more serious inflammation.  If they are in the back legs, it could be a shoeing issue. Might want to get the angles up, put the shoes back, square off the toes. Keep an eye on it, try to figure out why (and deep sand could be a contributing factor) but don't panic.


Denice Vick wrote:

I have a 6 year old mare starting her second season of long distance riding.  I say that because she has mostly done 25 - 30 mile rides, but twice.  Last fall she did her first slow 50 (at the end of the season) which she completed well.  Then last weekend we did a 2-day 50 (25 +25).  She had only mild windpuffs to start, and the same when she completed.  I poulticed her legs after the ride, and was dismayed to find marble-sized windpuffs on both her back legs when I removed the wraps. Should I be concerned?  Am I pushing her too hard?  Did the footing play a role (there was a fair amount of sand)?  What can I do to reduce the swelling?  Metabolically and physically she was excellent, I thought she was ready for some more slow 50's this season, am I wrong? Any advice and experience would be very much appreciated, she is a great horse and I don't want to mess her up. Thanks,Denice'Ontario' - Canada

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