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RC: Windpuffs

I have a 6 year old mare starting her second season of long distance riding.  I say that because she has mostly done 25 - 30 mile rides, but twice.  Last fall she did her first slow 50 (at the end of the season) which she completed well.  Then last weekend we did a 2-day 50 (25 +25).  She had only mild windpuffs to start, and the same when she completed.  I poulticed her legs after the ride, and was dismayed to find marble-sized windpuffs on both her back legs when I removed the wraps.
Should I be concerned?  Am I pushing her too hard?  Did the footing play a role (there was a fair amount of sand)?  What can I do to reduce the swelling?  Metabolically and physically she was excellent, I thought she was ready for some more slow 50's this season, am I wrong?
Any advice and experience would be very much appreciated, she is a great horse and I don't want to mess her up.
'Ontario' - Canada

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