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Orthoflex UK "CT" Swain Model - Question

Dear Ridecampers,

I recently purchased an Orthoflex Endurance Cutback - with the system II
panels - for my extremely wide, mutton withered Arabian. I am
"extremely" pleased to report that this saddle seems to be filling the
bill - for my horse - but I'm not so sure about me. I am used to an
english saddle and the feel/fit is quite different. I am contemplating
trying a "CT" Swain. I understand these models are make in the UK - not
the USA - and am wondering - among other things - do these models have
the same panel system and if so, are they interchangeable? Is there
anyone out there that has experience - good or bad - they can share with
me on this particular model? Your thoughts and/or comments would be
greatly appreciated. Ruth Abair in Texas. Email:

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