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Re: Sheep Water

" .  I think perhaps sheep have been drinking from it and
it was chock full of tiny but visible critters.  Are horses susceptible to
water-born organisms?"

" ).  Either way, I just remember being about 12 and
hearing my uncle holler at us not to let the horses drink from the sheep
trough or else.  Yikes!  Still makes me cringe. "

OK guys , sheep and horses can drink out of the same trough ......cattle and
horses also share do  mules and horses  and believe it or not
here on our place we let sheep , goats , cattle , horses , mules , elk ,
deer , antelope AND the cats and dogs share the same (gasp) water troughs
and ditches and have NEVER had something happen . I've even heard that
arabians and quarter horses can share the same water troughs :-)

                                                   Drin Becker
                                                   Mtn. Region

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