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Re: RC: orthoflex and wide horses

--- Tina Hicks <> wrote:
> Hey everyone, I have a couple of Q. re: orthoflex
> saddles: Does anyone out there use an Ortho on a
> really wide backed and/or mutton withered horse? I'm
> interested to know just how much flexibility there
> is in the panel system.

Rocket is built like a 55 gallon barrel - VERY wide
sprung ribs making an alomost flat back side to side,
wide shoulders, but good withers.  I tried several
OF's on him & found that some models had a wider tree
than others.  The panels attach to the tree and only
have so much otward movement based on that.

The OF Express Lite seemed to be the widest tree I
tried, & it fits him well.  The panels adjust to fit a
much narrower horse we have as well.  

I didn't care for the patriot for a few reasons... 
The pommels is too peaked for steep up hill climbs and
the stirrups were to forward for my taste.

I've never tried their demo program.  No help there.

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV

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