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Old Mac Horse Boots


I have been using these boots on my horse for the past 6 weeks and
am very pleased with how they are performing so far.  I will also be
using them on my horse for the 2001 XP ride--so...something of a 
rather substantial test for them.

So far, both me and my horses love them.  They go on easily.  I have
had no problem with them coming off, and the horses move with
great elasticity and impulsion in their stride (I could feel the 
difference the instant I put them on, and it has gotten better as
they have gotten more used to them).

I don't know if they are going to work for 2000 miles (no way to tell
until I try it), but from what I have done with them so far, I can 
definitely recommend them for training and conditioning, and for
general every day use on any non-competing horse (assuming that the
horse is conformationally suited to their use; their website
and promotional materials do state that they are inappropriate for use
on horses whose feet twist after they hit the ground).

But I figure that if they work for the XP this summer, they will work
for just about anything.

Orange County, Calif.

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