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Re: where to get ex-racehorse arabs?

> Sorry, I just have to get into this.  First, arabians don't race until
> three years old, and with some of the smaller stables, they may even be
> or five before being put on the track.

We are a small, family-operated ranch.  When we were breeding to race, we
discovered that some bloodlines tend to mature at a slower rate.  It's soo
important to critique the individual- no matter the sport- to assess the
readiness.  Yes, in track racing there is pressure (in the form of "futurity
purses", et. al.) to race at 3 years.  Knowledgeable and reputable
owners/trainers will wait when an individual horse needs more time.
Although we have not bred for several years, some of our proven track
race-line broodmares are being crossed on endurance-line stallions and we're
very excited about these pairings.  Meanwhile, it's rewarding to see more
ex-racers finding success on the trails.  For myself, I prefer CTR- and one
of my "non-winners" from the track has won on the trail- makes me glow!!


Kathleen Weickhardt and Larry L. Stewart
Sunnyland Racing Arabians

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