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Re: laminitis?

Hi Barb,
You did not say how much lo-pro (which I am not familiar with) you are
feeding but with the alfalfa I would not feed any grain like lo-pro unless
she was getting worked a great deal.  Here in Nevada where we have cold
weather as well, we feed timothy grass, beet plup for increased water(we
feed it very, very sloppy) as well as fiber and that's about it.  If it gets
very cold (20's or below) we might feed a little grain.  We do continue the
corn oil, selenium etc.  The timothy tested out at 9% protein and we are
feeding all mature  animals.  Good luck.
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Sent: Saturday, January 13, 2001 4:50 PM
Subject: RC: laminitis?

> Yesterday my mare was fine at 8:30  when I arrived home at 3:30  I found
> tender on her front feet mostly the left front all four legs were stocked
> up.  She was also touchy about her left rear.  A slight warmth in each
> cornet band no heat in hood wall.  The vet was out in half an hour and
> treated her with a dietetic, an inflammatory drug and bute.   We are to
> her bute twice a day for the next 3 days orally.
> She has not had a change in feed.  She has been on the same feed for the
> last 3 mos. and this is the same feed ration we used last year.  I do feed
> alfalfa cubes (14% protein) in the winter plus grass hay,  lo-pro mix (12%
> protein) and beet pulp pellets soaked.
> Because of the extreme cold weather we had in Nov and Dec, the vet felt
> was not using the protein the last 2 weeks like she was during the last 2
> colder months causing these symptoms of laminitis.  We also felt she might
> have fallen causing the left side to be more tender than the right.  He
> use a hoof testing tool and found very little discomfort.  Temp was normal
> HR normal.
> A few hours after the injections of the meds mentioned above she was no
> longer stocked up and moving better.  This morning a great improvement and
> by this afternoon she was trotting around and demanding the her grain
> she has not had since this started).
> Any ideas would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Barb
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