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scratches again!

This is our first year in Missouri, first time in snow in a few years.
Our first introduction to scratches was when in lived in Colorado, the
Arab got it on all fours. Prior to that we'd lived in Georgia and had
never even heard of scratches.  So, I'm holding my breath to see if he's
going to get a case of it.  I hadn't clipped his legs then, and so far,
haven't done it yet.  When he did get the scratches in Colorado, we had
to clip, no choice per the vet.  We first clipped, bathed with a
medicated soap, dried the pastern area, then medicated and wrapped and
as said before, left that on for two days.  Then went from there
dependant on how they looked.  But the vet was very firm with me keeping
the hair clipped and dry, I did that the remainder of the two years
there.  Now, I bring him in every evening and check his legs and dry
them if needed, just to keep a heads up on it.  There was a wonderful
recipe for scratches that I'd gotten off of this list several years ago,
it had five ingredients, and it is wonderful.  I keep it all year as it
is also wonderful on any kind of booboos.  I'd love to know whats in the
Trail-Rites "Magical" Ointment.  Debby in Missouri

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