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Re: RC: Scratches

> Okay, just for the heck of it I decided to go peek at the records of who is
> giving advice here.  Just to see who might have some real experience ON
> RIDES with dealing with scratches, and this is what I found.
> Since 1996, anyhow.
> Teddy has done zero multidays.  64% completion rate, 100 miles completed in
> endurance
> Tammy has done at least 14 multidays, 89% completion rate, 4,885 miles
> completed
You did not go back far enough.  I have over 3000
AERC miles from 1974 to 1997 and another 3000+ CTR
miles.  I stopped competing in 1997 (not time and
not the health).  I have done some multi-days (not
a lot on the East coast) and several 100's.
Almost all on the East Coast and I betcha 30% in
some kind of mud.....

The completion rate is misleading....I pulled ME
from several rides in '96 and '97...before that,
you'll find a closer to 90% completion rate...  I
guess this is where stats like M, L or RO are

Teddy Lancaster

WARNING: We will be unavailable from January 25 to
March 13, 2001 as we will be attending trade shows
around the country.  Please plan ahead.

If they are shooting at you, you must be doing
something right--

Does this mean I cannot tell the Emperor he has
no clothes unless I have a Kingdom?

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