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Re: Re: Stress of racing to youngsters

If the author of THAT article was Temple Grandin, then I would believe her.
She did an exhaustive study looking at where the problems lay in the
'pipeline' and for the most part, the horses in feedlots *are* humanely
kept.  She found that while some injuries do occur during transportation and
at the lots, the majority of ill-health and poor condition originated with
the owners that put those horses into the slaughter pipeline, not with the
pipeline itself.

Temple has an outstanding website at worth looking into for
anyone interested.  She's a truly amazing person, and has probably done more
to improve the welfare of slaughter-bound livestock (of any species) than
any other single person on earth, bar none.

However, I digress.  We should move this conversation back closer to
endurance-related, and so I will point out that Temple also has some very
good articles on her site related to animal behavior, handling fearful
animals and some great stuff on horse handling as well.  Well worth
exploring her site.

Susan G

> Don't know.  I'll check when I get home.  This is the second
> artical I have seen there that I questioned.  They did an
> artical on equine slaughter that basically said horses in feed-
> lots are well-cared for and humanely kept.  This may or may not

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