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Pads for Boz saddles

Hi all. I had mentioned about a week or so ago that I have a high withered
horse that's a little swayed in the back. He's 14. Anyway, he had sore
withers and a sore back after doing only a 25 mile endurance ride.  I can't
afford a new saddle and wouldn't know if it worked in the "long run" (get
it?) until I went about 25 or so miles. I have a Boz that's a year old. This
is the saddle I used with just the no sweat vent pad at the ride. The saddle
has velcroed pads to it but is there any other saddle pad I could use
(besides my no sweat vent pad which I adore, thanks Dixie again) so his back
won't get sore? What about this woolback pad? Has anyone else used another
pad with the Boz for this problem? Thanks in advance. Deb

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