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Re: RC: Re: Bill and Smokey

 I PRIVATELY sent ti an incredibly rude post. ("LAUGHING MY ASS OFF")  I have
 since apologized.  Bill graciously accepted my apology.  ti threw it in my
 face, adding that I was a "cowardly, backbiting moron", saying my agenda was
 "personal, manipulative and filthy".  (among other things)

And I stand by that note, with no apology whatsoever. I absolutely detest 
cowardly attacks on people who are working hard to move forward in the sport 
and doing things differently enough to attract the unfortunate attention of 
those incapable of understanding what is going on but feel it is their "duty" 
to denegrate the honest efforts of others. 

In subsequent notes to me you went farther, suggesting that my business would 
be hurt by Bill's "lies". This was another attempt to hurt him, although you 
didn't realize at the time that I do next to no business at all in endurance, 
save for one client. I could care less whether anyone in Ridecamp buys GL or 
AGL--I simpoly wanted to know as much as I could find out about them and Bill 
was kind enough to do some experiments for me--and I decided that the few 
intelligen people who could benefit from that information should have 
it--good or bad--and it was posted on my list.

The AGL was designed for flat racers and the original formula included MSM. 
Some drooler from Ridecamp tried to get Bill tested at a ride he was thinking 
about entering that was AERC sanctioned--with obvious intent to do him 
damage. That was the beginning of it all. Bill decided to avoid AERC people 
after that, and continued his experiments with a changed formula. Still he 
got nasty notes from idiots on this list. Finally, I went through a purge of 
my own list to weed out as many morons as possible. Still have some on there, 
obviously. Next step is to go through Ridecamp archives and eliminate anyone 
who has posted here from my list--the stench is sickening.

To the 10% of Ridecampers who have an IQ above 55, I apologise for this 
diatribe. The rest of you are unwelcome on my list. And Steph, I have asked 
you repeatedly to unsubscribe me from your list and I ask again, now. 

A word about my list. It was intended for my own education and that of my 
friends. It has more than 600 members now, and I've repeatedly tried to purge 
idiots and troublemakers. The next purge is going to be a major one--anyone 
who has not contributed something intelligen to the discussions thus far is 
going to be gone. Bring it down to the 150 intelligent contributors. The rest 
can all come here and piss on each other's boots.


Tom Ivers, President
Equine Racing Systems, Inc.
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