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Re: RC: Bill and Smokey

In a message dated 5/11/01 8:45:06 PM Pacific Daylight Time, CMKSAGEHIL 

<< Kathy has politely asked twice for information on the group in which Bill 
competes.  So far, she has received two nasty, backbiting replies.  We'd all 
be interested in some substantive information about this group.  I don't know 
Bill from Adam, but am always curious about other forms of competition.  
What's the big problem in providing some details about this non-AERC group of 
 Heidi >>

I'll try to keep it very simple, for you, Heidi. Since Bill has been posting 
information on my list, perhaps a dozen fine people from this list have 
harassed him directly, or through others, essentially calling him a liar. 
That is backbiting. 

I've advised Bill to provide no more information at all--he has the vet 
slips--so that the gossipers can stay real busy. He is badly hurt and need 
not respond to the busy bodies and retards who MUST know all the details of 
his life, and whose goal is simply to make him out a liar. 

Tell you what. I'll bet $1000 that what he says is true and I will provide 
adequate proof to anyone who will put up the cash. We'll let you hold it. I 
will provide you alone with the proof, on the condition that you reveal it 
only after we have a player or two. I will donate the winnings to Bill's 
medical bills. 

Fair enough? Ante up and let's have at it. 


Tom Ivers, President
Equine Racing Systems, Inc.
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