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Ebay Auction for a 1996 FEI Kansas Completion Award

I am going to auction a 1996 FEI Kansas World Endurance Championship completion award on Ebay beginning July 1, 2001. To find the auction on ebay just search for FEI. This will be a ten day auction.

This completion award is a hand carved artwork with certificate of auth and is contained in the leather case it was presented in. A side note, the artwork is designed and manufactured by one of the artisans of Star Trek The Next Generation TV series and the leather case for all of the completion awards is actually pieces of leftover Klingon uniforms the artisan cut up to make the pouches.

I visited him and his family in Kansas and saw his entire house filled with things that would make a trekkie pass out including the masters for many collectibles that were mass produced.

A second auction also under FEI will be for the Gold Fringe USA Flag which flew over Camp USA in Kansas (this is the original and official flag and flew over the camp for two weeks in the oat field).

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