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Ed's Contiuing Battle

Well, life sure can take interesting turns, and so
can one's emotions.

I have done plenty of crying...still am, but it is
very therapeutic.  I am working out of shock and
thru the anger phase and now on to the "let's do
something" stage.

The doctor,  proclaimed by many to be one of the
best (worked with Christopher Reeves) said Ed's
condition is permanent.  Well, I cannot sleep and
thanks the the internet, I can do research all
night long.  I will bring my laptop to the
hospital tomorrow and continue it there.

I am finding (surprise, surprise) that the FDA is
too restrictive to alternatives to Ed's problem
and that beyond our shores are clinics and
hospitals that are making some real progress.

I am also finding out that prominent doctors have
big egos.  I approached Ed's surgeon with these
alternative and he remains steadfast that there is
NO CURE and that everything on the internet is
garbage.  I was not surprised and quite pleased
for him to postpone Ed's surgery and insist we get
a second opinion.  Hell, I will get half a
dozen...and he may not do the surgery at all.

He says he was too busy to go into details and
that 32 years of doing what he does, there are
simply not cures.  I am not expecting miracles (as
much as both of us would like one).  To to regain
lower body functions would take a great burden off
both of us.  It has been done and may be possible.

Money is a problem, too.  Ed has not worked in the
USA long enough for Medicaid and will not qualify
for SSI (disability) either.  BUT, 30 years of
paying into the Canadian Social Insurance is a
real possibility.  The problem is that I have yet
to find someone down here who can get me started
in the right direction.

Another problem:  If we pursue alternative
treatments outside the USA or Canada, it may not
be possible to get ANYTHING from any US or
Canadian Social Security program.

The good news is that the treatments outside the
USA are $30,000 to $90,000 compared to the USA at
$250,000. Not including rehab.....

You can see I am fighting hard, but I need your
help.  I have received and pursued many
suggestions so far and am learning quite rapidly.

If anyone can shed some light on any of the
problems above, feel free to do so.  In the the
meantime, for those interested, the places and
doctors so far being considered are to be found

Ed himself is having difficulty breathing simply
because he has no gut or stomach function (it will
come back) and from being in a prone position for
days his lungs are filling with mucous which he is
constantly spitting up, making it difficult to
breath and talk.  He does have a respiratory
therapist coming several times a day to drain his
lungs and he has a Yankauer (suction tube) he can
place in his mouth and throat at his disposal

The nurses off the ICU floor are great and all
love him.  He retains his wit and sarcasm as well
as his sense of humor.  He is also not in pain,
just labored breathing and hence is on NO pain
medication.  He has also refused all
sedatives...much in his favor.  The nurses say
patients who just lie there on sedatives are those
that are most prone to pneumonia.

But, it does sap his strength.

He is not yet interested in reading, so I am
collecting his Wall Street Journals and his
favorite yogurt when he can eat and is wanting to
start reading....  In the meantime, I read him all
the articles and information I have found on SCI.

He is probably faring better than I would have in
his shoes and he is admired by all the staff for
his guts and determination.

Keep the encouragement coming.

Teddy Lancaster

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24-28, 2001

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something right--

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no clothes unless I have a Kingdom?

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