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 And as to these much vaunted FEI rules, it appears that 
> many of> them were "bent" to accommodate some particular condition or
another  at each> ride.

I need to correct a statement I made about a rule being "waived". 
Apparently the 2 hour after completion inspection (to see that no horse
got treatment) was not waived...the rider having to re-present was
waived.  The poor vets went through the FEI Parking area after we riders
were sound asleep and rechecked them for us.  I guess it was nice for the
vets who had been up for 24 hours that we weren't scattered all over
creation. As to the 2 strikes you're out deal; they said it wasn't
mandatory at this level.  I can honestly day that the only thing that FEI
proposed that I do that was hard for me to swallow is the P&R penalties. 
I think they've been excessive from the beginning back when it was a 30
minute penalty, and that the 2 strikes rule is little better.  I think
they're assuming that riders need a strong slap on the hand to keep them
from presenting early, when actually having to go out a far out gate and
circle back around to the entrance is plenty of penalty.

>>It is again, very simple. The bitch starts when the FEI rules >>and
conditions are imposed upon those riders entered in >>just the AERC ride.

Ahh, but what about those of us who entered both?  We still want to be
AERC riders... if I fail to meet FEI criteria (say my horse sees his pal
leave and his pulse jumps up and it's his 2nd strike)... won't you help
me get them to cut me loose so I can complete as an AERC rider? 
According to Kat, there's a rule that says I must leave the course if I'm
disqualified.  I'd like to discuss that one with them.  What about for
the finish? Don't have to leave the course to represent for completion
after the 30 minute FEI allowed time. (not that I've ever had any trouble
meeting that one...purely hypothetical here)

   I still don't know what FEI rule was imposed on any open rider.  I'd
say the stuff that they're complaining about (traffic control in the vet
check etc) was a Biltmore thang.  It's called..."Big Ride" syndrome.

As to the statistic that only 5% ever plan to do international...what
percentage ever plan to race for a win in an open ride?  Is the tail
wagging the dog in that we waste so much energy keeping up with points
and awards for winners?  Why don't we all just go out and ride slow on
unmarked trails with our jeans on like we used to if that's the majority?
 I don't know if I understand this quote anyway since I haven't had a dog
with a tail in 20 years. :-)

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