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RE: selection

A hypothesis for you Terre: suppose that the SASO, The Washoe and the Biltmore were not FEI sanctioned. And FEI sanctioning means only an additional fee to be paid and several additional officials. Would the riders have performed in any manner to make then unsuitable for international competition? And as to these much vaunted FEI rules, it appears that many of them were "bent" to accommodate some particular condition or another at each ride.
Would the end result have been any different if these particular rides were held with just the AERC Rules?
I grant you, some of the riders may have resorted to tank tops and shorts, but would that be enough to say that the particular rider was not qualified to be entered in some future straight FEI ride?
incidentally I prefer the tank tops and shorts, the collars on the shirts are good only for wiping your nose.
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Bob Morris wrote:The FEI should have ABSOLUTELY NO influence on how a member of a national team is chosen or the type of event at which the choice is made.

I don't believe that they do. Completing an "FEI Ride" qualifies riders to nominate for Continental or World FEI competition--in other words, produces a "pool" of qualified riders. How you select riders from that pool is entirely up to you....


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