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FW: Bob Marshall Treeless Saddle

I'm posting this question for a friend.  If anyone uses a Bob Marshall
and has an opinion, please answer Marie directly at

PS Region

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From: Marie Feuer []
Sent: Friday, May 11, 2001 8:51 AM

wondering if you could pose a question for me on endurance net--or tell
me how to do that--

my bob marshall treeless endurance saddle--tammy and charlene are
me to put the saddle more forward on belle. this places the hard pommel
on the back of her shoulders. they said not to worry--everything i have
been told about saddle fit is STAY OFF THE SHOULDER. and esp with the
marshall--seems there would be even more pressure there as the stirrups
are hung off the pommel and cantle. i wanted to know if other bob
marshall users had anything to say about this (horse care--it's


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