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New Endurance Saddle Thank You

J&G Ranch   or
So many of you have been inquiring about our NEW Endurance saddle  that  Our Email has overloaded with request for information.  
We are attempting to answer all request today. 

If you do not hear from us it maybe that our mailbox bombed out.  So below is the address and phone number for our business.
Please be patient.  We did not expect the response we have received in the last hour. We have activated a second address
for usage.

 It will work on a variety of horses and not create sorness or behavior  problems  We have been using the Rocking R 
saddles for approximately (10) months on a large variety of horses.  They have never sored a horse that we have used
 them on. Both of us are experienced Endurance riders and have a lot of miles on other brands.

This one works as stated.  We ride Arabs and Tennessee Walkers, but have used them on QH, Ponies, TB and many  
other breeds.  The new saddle that we would like you to consider is the "Rocking R Endurance Lite".  It weighs about 16# uses
a panel system that adjust to all horses, has adjustible rigging from 7/8 to centerfire.  We are introducing this saddle to
the first (25) buyers at a reduced cost as we want to get these out there for the rest of the world to see. The saddle
 has been proven and tested in a different configuration, so we know it works. Retail price will be around $1595.
 Can't attach a picture here, but all emails will be answered and pictures sent on request.

Thank you,
Jill and Gary
J&G Ranch Saddles and Tack
P.O. Box 235
Silvana, WA.  98287
Email us: or
Phone: 360-629-7115
Fax: 360-629-7215
Fax: 360 629-7215

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