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Texas Rides

Kathy Lynn Mayeda
As some of you already know, I've been kicked off of Tom Ivers Horsescience list for mentioning Linda Tellington-Jones and chiropractors - both of which he considers "mysticism", I guess.  No need for sympathy here - I think that I couldn't help but push his buttons and that's not a good personality trait to cultivate is it?

Anyhooo........ there is something that is totally confounding me about a certain guy, Bill Proctor, who is claims to be winning quite a few endurance rides with his horse Smokey, in Texas and Oklahoma using Tom Ivers Advanced Glycogen Loader (AGL). But when I check the recent AERC ride results for the area, he is not showing up at all.  Is there another sanctioning agency in that area for endurance riding?  The times that he is claiming is too fast to be NATRC.  Otherwise his previous AERC record is mostly LD and not very fast LD at that.  I've been wondering about this for the past few months, and maybe someone could enlighten me on this picture.


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