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Re: RC: New Endurance Saddle


I am interested in seeing the saddle and further information.  Is
there literature on the saddle?  If so, please e-mail or mail it to

Jennifer Layman
702 Oak Grove Ave #3
Menlo Park, CA  94025

The above address is only good through the 2nd of June as I am moving
and don't yet have a forwarding address... so if you do mail it,
please send it as soon as possible.

--- "" <> wrote:
> Gary
> Many of you are inquiring about Endurance saddles that will work on
> a variety of horses and not create problems.  We 
> have been using the Rocking R saddles for approximately (10) months
> on a large variety of horses.  They have never sored a 
> horse that we have used them on. Both of us are experienced
> Endurance riders and have a lot of miles on other brands.
> This one works as stated.  We ride Arabs and Tennessee Walkers, but
> have used them on QH, Ponies, TB and many  
> other breeds.  The new saddle that we would like you to consider is
> the "Rocking R Endurance Lite".  It weighs about 16# uses
> a panel system that adjust to all horses, has adjustible rigging
> from 7/8 to centerfire.  We are introducing this saddle to
> The first (25) buyers will buy at a reduced cost as we want to get
> these out there for the rest of the world to see.
> The saddle has been proven and tested in a different configuration,
> so we know it works. Retail price will be around 
> $1595. Can't attach a picture here, but all emails will be answered
> and pictures sent
> on request.
> Thank you,
> Jill and Gary
> J&G Ranch Saddles and Tack
> Silvana, WA.
> Email us:
> Phone: 360-629-7115
> Fax: 360 629-7215
> Ridecamp is a service of Endurance Net,  
> Information, Policy, Disclaimer: 

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