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Re: RC: RE: Hunters & Jumpers/Bilt

Bob, Kat and others, 
Kat, I wanted to return a post to your comments. It was well done.
And Bob, your historical input is very important. You can't figure
out where you are going unless you know where you have been.
At times it seems like the tail is wagging the dog.  But in 
reality only 5% of our riders are interested in doing Internaitonal
riding.  They have desires as we (American style of endurance riders) 
have ours.  Nothing stays the same. At least it seem that way.  If
change is taking place I hope we have the ability to see the change
take place on the part of the FEI.  They fail to take into account
the different styles of endurance riding around the world. And
there in is the rub.  If we continue to take to the FEI our
positions on the way we would like to see the game mature, and
if we are firm in our position, I think you will see some
positive changes.  They, FEI, need us, we don't need them.  That is
the reality of what is going on.  Without the US and Australia, the
efforts of the FEI are for naught.  From what I can see, they are
beginning to get the hint. Lets hope so.
If you have a good relationship with a director of the AERC, let
them know how you feel about the AERC/FEI relationship. Let them
know of the changes you want to see in place.  If you know folks
that are involved at the top of AERC International, let them know that
you expect them to be part of the solution.  We will have a new
person in place in the near future representing us at the FEI.
Who ever it is that is selected, let that person know what you
Yours in the American style of endurance riding,
Jerry & Diane Fruth
Hickory Ridge Arabians

On Thu, 10 May 2001, Bob Morris wrote...

>I do not see any thing to tear up. It is very simple. If the ride was
>initially sanctioned through the AERC, then AERC Rules and 
>prevail. The FEI, dual sanctioned rules are secondary. If the 
initial ride
>sanctioning was through the FEI, then the FEI rules prevail.
>It is again, very simple. The bitch starts when the FEI rules and 
>are imposed upon those riders entered in just the AERC ride.
>Of interest to me would be the number of total entries and the 
number of FEI
>entries. Is the tail wagging the dog?
>Bob Morris
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>Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2001 7:58 PM
>Subject: RC: Hunters & Jumpers/Bilt
>> Go to any AERC endurance ride (not one that is dual sanctioned > 
>FEI, just a regular ride), and ask how many of the people> there 
have the
>goal of getting over the finish line first.> Betcha that it is
>significantly less than a third.
>Ahh, but do you think that all of us that entered the FEI division 
>going for first?  Wrong. Points towards 18 open slots in USA 
>just like an AERC points race.  I was also surprised to see some of 
>friends from the South had entered the FEI division and they weren't 
>nominated for the Pan Am. Sarah Engsberg, Roger Blaylock, and Doug
>Sandlin.  Said they just wanted the experience.  Don't know about 
>but none of them went for first.  Personally, I'm better at winning 
>of attrition.  I checked the results and I was 16th overall in the 
>I was 14th in the USA East squad in the 100....I was fourth in the 
>mile race, I was 5th SERA overall, but I was FIRST SERA IN THE 104
>miler!!!  I guess maybe I did want first if I bothered to figure that
>out, but that's the only way I tried to get it...after the fact.
>Now, just to show you that you and I aren't necessarily on different
>sides all together. I'll bring up an interesting situation that came 
>the night before the ride.  Teddy Lancaster stood up and asked the
>question:  (paraphrased) "If a horse entered int he FEI race gets
>disqualified on the 2 strikes you're out P&R rule, or doesn't meet
>criteria within a thirty minutes of completion and gets disqualified 
>the FEI ride, can they still go on for an AERC completion under AERC
>rules since they're entered in the open ride too."  Boy! Talk about a
>loaded question!  Total silence everywhere...then nervous laughter.  
>FEI guy thought that if FEI disqualified them they were out for the 
>they'd sort of waived their chance at an AERC completion.  The crowed
>murmered angrily....because, we ARE AERC riders, duely entered in the
>open competition...and if we met AERC criteria we thought we should 
>allowed to drop out of the FEI division and continue AERC.  
So...what do
>ya'll think?  The staff used the wisdom of Solomon and conferred.  
>they decided was that they would waive the 2 strikes you're out
>(YEAH!!!!)  and (If I got this right) we would have the hour to meet 
>criteria at the end.  Now, none of the other complaints I've seen 
>up...such as removing heart monitors, etc. were worthy of discussion 
>my mind, but this is something that needs to be settled by the upper 
>before it crops up again at a ride.  Now...there's a chunk of meat 
>to you guys...tear it up! >eg<
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