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On April 1 My horse grazed the inside of her right front leg while I was 
riding her and fell.  The leg was instantly swollen.  After doing the usual 
icing, cold hosing, wrapping, etc. three weeks later the swelling was down, 
but she was still lame.  I took her to the  vet. After x-rays, ultra 
sounding, an eight layer wrap/cast, a steroid shot, and several hundred 
dollars later, she still has a small lump on the tendon that is sore to the 
touch.  The vet and farrier told me to ride with some sort of splint boots.  
I've used polo wraps in the arena and am familiar with them, but I know 
nothing about leg boots.  The vet also believes she should stay sound and I 
can safely move forward and go back to riding and conditioning as usual, but 
my brother-in-law who was a jockey for the first part of his life and the 
paddock judge in Maryland at Pimlico said to give her a year off because she 
stretched her suspensory ligament and has lesions on her tendons.
I need suggestions for leg boots and how much would be too much riding.
Thank you - Erin, terribly frustrated
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