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RE: Hunters & Jumpers/Bilt

I really want to thank all of you, especially Kat, Angie, and Kathy, for
taking this issue apart so well under a microscope. We are in the process of
making up our rules for our national endurance association and our local
Federation is in the process of learning the FEI rules to be able to put on
FEI rides without the help of the UAE.  With the years of AERC experience
and all the rides, both singly and doubly sanctioned, I figure that I can
watch Ridecamp this summer and be able to report back to both groups of
people on the possible stumbling blocks. Geographically, we can't avoid the
FEI on a national basis...there will be rides here and riders who want to
compete in, say, Jordan. But lots of us are like the average AERC members
who want to go out, have a good time and keep track of how much mileage we
put on our horses. Hang in there, guys, and keep trying out and analysing
those rides!! I bet you never considered what a favour you are doing to us
sand rats!! And this is not at all sarcastic. I mean every word. We don't
have the riders, the rides, or the time to collect the data that the US has.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

Now, just to show you that you and I aren't necessarily on different
sides all together. I'll bring up an interesting situation that came up
the night before the ride.  Teddy Lancaster stood up and asked the
question:  (paraphrased) "If a horse entered int he FEI race gets
disqualified on the 2 strikes you're out P&R rule, or doesn't meet
criteria within a thirty minutes of completion and gets disqualified from
the FEI ride, can they still go on for an AERC completion under AERC
rules since they're entered in the open ride too."  Boy! Talk about a
loaded question!  Total silence everywhere...then nervous laughter.  The
FEI guy thought that if FEI disqualified them they were out for the day,
they'd sort of waived their chance at an AERC completion.  The crowed
murmered angrily....because, we ARE AERC riders, duely entered in the
open competition...and if we met AERC criteria we thought we should be
allowed to drop out of the FEI division and continue AERC.  So...what do
ya'll think?  The staff used the wisdom of Solomon and conferred.  What
they decided was that they would waive the 2 strikes you're out
(YEAH!!!!)  and (If I got this right) we would have the hour to meet AERC
criteria at the end.  Now, none of the other complaints I've seen brought
up...such as removing heart monitors, etc. were worthy of discussion in
my mind, but this is something that needs to be settled by the upper ups
before it crops up again at a ride.  Now...there's a chunk of meat thrown
to you guys...tear it up! >eg<


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