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Re: Hunters & Jumpers

Kat said that Kathy Mayeda said:

> Endurance rides are judged the same whether or not they are FEI or AERC because whoever gets over the finish line first is first in competition.   Veterinary criteria may differ some for BC and/or completion, but the goal is the same. 

Kat answered:
>>Go to any AERC endurance ride (not one that is dual sanctioned  the FEI, just a regular ride), and ask how many of the people there have the goal of getting over the finish line first.  Betcha that it is significantly less than a third.  Go to Tevis and ask the same question.   Betcha that it is less than 10%.<<
At the risk of opening up the "winners" debate again (and *no*, don't go there), I think Kat missed the point of Kathy's post.  Kathy was not commenting on people's "goals", but because of the criteria on which the sport is adjudicated.  The rules are there for three purposes:
1.  To protect participants; and
2.  To manage / organise the event; and
3.  To determine the winner of the contest.
Nobody says that YOU have to enter with the aim of winning, but I think it would be short-sighted to forget that this is, after all, a contest, and a winner will, after all, be chosen.
(Please, please, please may this post not be misinterpreted!!!!!!!)

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