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Hunters & Jumpers

Kat, when you bring up Hunters vs. Jumpers you totally lose me.  As I understand
it, they may use the same jumps, but the goal is totally different.  Hunters are judged
on form/pace, and jumpers are judged on time and least number of faults.  Endurance
rides are judged the same whether or not they are FEI or AERC because whoever
gets over the finish line first is first in competition.  Veterinary criteria may differ
some for BC and/or completion, but the goal is the same.  The head vet makes
the call for what criteria and vetting procedure is going to be in place at an AERC
ride within AERC rules, and if he/she is smart she would probably make the
vetting criteria fall within the FEI vetting criteria anyway.
The ride entries that I have seen for the two FEI rides out West are cross
entered FEI/AERC if you choose to ride FEI.    The finishers get AERC miles
and qualifications to ride in Pan Am and the World Championships.  It's not
an either/or thing like the hunter/jumper analogy.  I doubt very much that
you will ever see an FEI only endurance ride in USA unless its the Pan Am
or World Championships.  And to ride FEI as a US participant you have
to be a member of AERC and have your mileage reported via AERC for
qualifications, I believe.  The finish order is reported to include all AERC
riders as well whether or not you are an FEI rider.  So you are riding the
same ride and competing in the same conditions as if you are riding
an AERC ride.  All the other stuff about collars, head gear, stirrups, etc.
etc. you can just consider "additional rules" imposed on FEI riders.
When you enter the ring as a hunter -you will be riding a totally different
strategy as you would as a jumper.  You will not be competing as a hunter
AND a jumper in the same ring ride, but an endurance rider would be competing
as an AERC/FEI rider simultaneously if they are riding an FEI ride out here.
AERC is the governing body recognized by the AHSA for endurance riding
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