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Results: Biltmore 100 Challenge - 05/05/01

Finally!  I usually like to post results when I return home on Sunday, but was positively crosseyed this time. 
Hope all enjoyed the beautiful trails, food, etc.
Biltmore Challenge 100 Mile Ride - May 5, 2001
Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC
Starts = 69, w/1 Junior
1st 337 Newman Stagg Jayel Super 12:21:07
2nd 340 Reis Cia Catch A Wave 12:30:06
3rd 314 Clark Karen Jeb 13:31:01
4th 356A Young Nicki MC Breathless 13:31:14
5th 313 Caudill Connie Karma Phoenix 13:43:53
6th 344 Sandlin Doug Omar Apatchee 13:54:43
7th 346 Sleeper Meg Shyrocco Troilus 14:43:07
8th 326 Greenall Sue Shyrocco Jazz 14:43:10
9th 301A Baird Brenda Bells Snitzel 14:44:55
10th 331 Kornwolf Mary Shiloh 14:44:56
11th 330A Kanavy Valerie Big Sky Chance 14:53:24
12th 355 Yager Mary Mr. Snickers 15:01:51
13th 354A Worthington Jan LM Mastermind 15:10:29
14th 402A Shank Katherine MAS Shanghaisbeau 15:30:00
15th 343 Russo Becky Emphatic 15:30:11
16th 334 McGhee Angie Kaboot Herlong 15:30:16
17th 327A Hewitt Adrienne Pearly Shells 15:30:23
18th 350A Waldron Jeannie NoneSuch Amira 15:38:44
19th 349 Vinton Yvette Rome Dome 15:40:20
20th 332A McBride Kathy AJ Wyldfyre 16:42:05
21st 417 Stacy John Chance 17:53:18
22nd 328A Holzer (Jr) Cameron VGH Windswift Francie 17:53:19
23rd 352A Webb-Hoskins Tracy GilbriarGoGdan 18:12:43
24th 311A Butler Darolyn  DJB TAF Oporto 18:12:44
25th 415 Roeber-Moyer Nancy Ramegwa Papstrax 18:45:56

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